HH pump

HH pump

HH pump
This series of pumps for the horizontal, vertical in the open, double-pump shell, pump body and pump cover can be replaced with a metal lining, lining may have been used Mochuan far, without replacement, to extend the maintenance cycle, lower operating costs.
Pump export orientation angle of rotation can be 8 to install.
Pump bearing assembly with Park Commission structure, easy to adjust the impeller and the former protection board space, maintenance can be split out as a whole. Bearings lubricated with grease.
The pump seal packing seal types have to pay the impeller seal, mechanical seal.
A wide range of pump performance, cavitation performance, and high efficiency. Multi-level series techniques can be used to meet the long-distance transport.
Transmission methods are V-V-belt drive, flexible coupling drive gear box drive, fluid coupling drive, variable frequency drives, SCR speed control and so on. In which V-V-belt drive with CL, CV, CR, ZL, ZV, ZR transmission.
There are many over-current components of metal and a variety of rubber materials are available to choose from, and increase the depth.
Using a variety of speed and multi-variant approach, making the best mining pump run. Long life, running effective, can meet the delivery of many types of adverse conditions.

Material: Metal 

total heads: 25 to 110m 
Flow : 16 to 720 m3/h

Slurry pump pumps are designed for hydraulic dredging and mining applications. These rugged pumps feature extra heavy metal sections at points of extreme wear, and have the ability to pass large solid particles often encountered in aggregate mining operations. Designed for use in suction lift applications, these pumps offer optional features which allow the pumps to be engineered to meet the specific needs of the operation.Our company supply sump slurry pump, HH series pump, V belt Pulleys Slurry Pump, which can be used in many places. Our products have high quality and competitive prices. If you need, welcome to contact us to know more.

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