Bearing Assembly

Bearing Assembly

Bearing Assembly
 TYPE: DAM005 

 Its advantages are latge shaft diameter, cylindrical structure for over loading design, small volume, little installation space. Grease lubrication is adopted with no leakage, a little mainenance, convenient rotot adjustment, It can be sued in series.


An expert can guide you through the diversity of pumps capable of overcoming the most troublesome characteristics of polymerization. They can show you how pump details matter and help choose the optimal selection for your specific setup. However, some basic essentials are obvious, regardless of specifics. A metal-seated ball pump design with long-lasting tightness and cycle life is critical for this type of high-cycle application. Polymer-proofing is a good option if you want to make sure polymers do not penetrate behind the seat, seizing your pumps. Also, if abrasive catalyst types are used, an anti-abrasive pump capability should be added to your checklist. Hot sale various high quality slurry pump spare parts, slurry pump assembly, gravel pump mining from China leading manufacturer. Our products are efficient, cost effective and deliver more benefits. Welcome to choose us!

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