cover plate liner

cover plate liner

cover plate liner
We can supply slurry pump and standard spare parts with high anti-abrosive such as
expeller ring,
Casing, shaft, 
throat bush, 
bearing assembly,
cover plate, 
stuffing box,
lantern restrictor, 
cover plate bolt, 
throat bush, 
shaft sleeve,
cover plate liner, 
frame plate liner,
shaft sleeve spacer,
keeper plate, 

Every service operation in itself is a major undertaking, which includes plenty of preparation. It involves minimizing the loss of production output during the downtime, but it also entails extremely careful planning in terms of HSE considerations. Regardless of how well a shutdown is planned, it is always a risky time on any site. So, by being able to extend the interval between pump maintenance and replacement from a matter of weeks to months, you could avoid a significant share of annual risk situations. These types of extensions in pump lifecycles have already been achieved with Cworld’s pumps with Cworld WearBlock™ features. Hot sale various high quality sand dredge pump, dredge pump parts, assembly from China leading manufacturer. Our products are efficient, cost effective and deliver more benefits. Welcome to choose us!

Besides, various OEM pumps and pump spare parts customized according to drawings or samples can be supplied too.

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